Today in the city Hollywood 24.03.2018
Taking Trump Seriously: Turning Tough Talk On Gun Control Into Public Health Action

Gun violence is a public health problem, and this broad reality may provide a way forward that reconciles our political divisions and allows the President to act.

To fix itself, Twitter wants to measure 'conversational health'

Jack Dorsey is earnestly looking for answers.  In a tweetstorm on Thursday, the Twitter CEO said his company is searching for ways to root out trolling, bullying, hate speech, and political manip...

Embattled Tech Companies Charge Deeper Into Health Care

Google sibling Verily wants to help insurers; Apple's collecting health data through its apps; and Amazon has joined with other big employers to address health care costs.

Are Hollywood movies teaching men and boys that predatory behavior is OK?

We’ve all sat in horror these last several months as some of the most influential and powerful men in the movie business have been accused of sexual abuse, harassment and assault. Yet, as a film buff,...

Big pharma, big data: why drugmakers want your health records

LONDON (Reuters) - Drugmakers are racing to scoop up patient health records and strike deals with technology companies as big data analytics start to unlock a trove of information about how medicines...

Family Convicted in Health Care Fraud Conspiracy in 3 States

Federal prosecutors say a family has been convicted of defrauding federal health care programs by selling back braces and power wheelchairs to people who did not need them in three states.

Hollywood Sidelined as China Box Office Surges 39% in Jan and Feb

Box office in China climbed by 39% in the first two months of the year to hit $2.37 billion (RMB15.1 billion). The boom was largely driven by local films, with Hollywood was kept on the sidelines. The...

EU demands that Russia, Iran, Turkey halt Syria fighting

The European Union is demanding that Russia, Iran and Turkey take responsibility for ensuring that the fighting stops in Syria and that a real 30-day halt in fighting is respected.

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