Today in the city Hollywood 17.07.2018
People Are Roasting Quentin Tarantino’s "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" on Twitter

The director’s upcoming movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is gaining flack for its non-diverse cast.

State Switches to Electronic Health Records for Prisons

Connecticut's Correction Department is switching from a paper to an electronic system to deal with the health records of prison inmates.

Syria Army Widens Offensive on Rebel-Held Areas in Southwest

Syria state media and opposition activists say Syrian government troops are advancing on rebel-held areas in the country's southwestern region amid intense clashes in a widening offensive, shattering...

How Award Winning Director Created An Inclusive Platform To Empower Women In Hollywood

Jen McGowan, an award-winning Hollywood film director, explains how she pivoted within the entertainment industry to create an inclusive platform that empowers other women within Hollywood to find job...

Watch the hilarious 'moment of silence' Argentine TV held for their World Cup team

Argentina's loss to Croatia in the World Cup on Thursday didn't knock them out of the tournament — yet — but the odds of the national team advancing out of the Group Stage are not looking...

Health Care Choices Proposal: A New Generation Of Health Reform

A plan created by grassroots groups to lower health care costs and increase choices for people across the United States.

Chris Pratt uncorks some truth in a Hollywood culture of lies

There aren’t many Hollywood actors who are willing to speak publicly in favor of Christianity. In fact, you could probably count them on the one hand.

Syria shells rebel-held areas ahead of possible offensive

Syrian government forces shelled rebel-held areas in the south on Thursday, further undermining an international "de-escalation" agreement backed by the United States ahead of a threatened offensive,...

Methane Releases Escalating, Endangering Climate And The Ultimate Health Of Oil And Gas Producers

A study released today in the journal Science says that methane releases are escalating at a rate far beyond what the Environmental Protection Agency has estimated, which will not just threaten the cl...

Oscar Health To Enter Six New Insurance Markets Despite Obamacare Attacks

Oscar Health said it will sell health insurance in six new markets across three new states: Florida, Arizona and Michigan.

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